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Rabu, Januari 28, 2009

Baluran National Park

. Rabu, Januari 28, 2009

Baluran National Park is representative of a specific forest ecosystem dry on the island of Java, the type of vegetation savanna, mangrove forest, seasonal forest, forests, beaches, forests, mountains down, forests, swamps and forests, which is always green throughout the year. Around 40 percent of savanna vegetation types dominate the area Baluran National Park.

Plant that is in the national parks are 444 species, of which there are native plants, and the special interest that is widoro bukol (Ziziphus rotundifolia), mimba (Azadirachta indica), and pilang (Acacia leucophloea). Widoro bukol, mimba, and pilang is a plant that is capable of adapting in a very dry conditions (still visible green), although other plants have withered and dry up.

The other plants, such as tamarind (Tamarindus indica), gadung (Dioscorea hispida), pecan (Aleurites moluccana), Gebang (Corypha Utan), api-api (Avicennia sp.), Kendal (Cordia obliqua), manting (Syzygium polyanthum), and billowing (Sterculia foetida).

There are 26 types of mammals, among bison (Bos javanicus javanicus), wild buffalo (Bubalus bubalis), ajag (Cuon alpinus javanicus), deer (Muntiacus muntjak muntjak), deer (Cervus timorensis russa), spotted tiger (Panthera pardus weld), clever individual ( Tragulus javanicus pelandoc), mangroves and cat (Prionailurus viverrinus).

Animals is a neat maskot / characteristics of Baluran National Park.

In addition, there are about 155 species of birds including rare among such swift fire (Hirundo Rustica), tuwuk / asia tuwur (Eudynamys scolopacea), bird peacock (Pavo muticus), forest red chicken (Gallus gallus), kangkareng (Anthracoceros convecus ), rangkong (Buceros rhinoceros), and heronry tong-tong (Leptoptilos javanicus).

Forest, which is always green throughout the year

On Hm. 80 batangan - Bekol, there are old wells that become legend surrounding communities. Legend is told that the city Banyuwangi, Bali and Baluran same dig wells. If, wells in each city first issue of water and wave a flag, it means the city will be a central brio / culture.

Some locations / objects of interest to visit:
Batangan. See historical / cave sites such as Japan, the tomb of Abraham, son of Maulana Malik, bird peacock dance attraction in the marrying season between October / November and camping. Facilities: the information center and the earth camp.
Bekol and Semiang. Observation forest animals such as chickens, peacock, deer, deer, bison, wild buffalo, birds.
Facilities that have: researchers homeless, homeless guests, the tower view.
Bama, Balanan, account. Nautical tourism, fishing, diving / snorkeling, and the skirmish between the buck in July / August; sekawanan and gray monkeys that crab fishing / rajungan with ekornya at the time of sea water subsidence.
Manting, Air Manekin. Water source that never dry throughout the year, spotted tiger habitat.
Popongan, Sejile, Sirontoh, Kalitopo. Canoe in a calm sea, see the different types of ornamental fish, bird observation migrants.
Rainfall mourning. Rock climbing activities at 10-30 meters, with a slope of up to 85%.
The temple, Labuan Merak, Kramat. Cultural tourism.

Best season visits: March until August every year.

How well a location: Banyuwangi-batangan with 35 km distance, which was extended to Bekol with a time 45 minutes (12 km) or Situbondo-batangan with 60 km distance by car.

Air temperature 27 ° - 34 ° C
Rainfall 900 - 1.600 mm / year
Height of the 0 - 1247 m. dpl
Geography 7 ° 29 '- 7 ° 55' LS, 114 ° 17 '- 114 ° 28' BT

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