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Sabtu, Januari 17, 2009

Kawah Ijen

. Sabtu, Januari 17, 2009

Places of Tourism Kawah Ijen is often visited by tourists and local tourists Reference. Because the tour Kawah Ijen panorama has a very beautiful and more than that if you visit this place, you feel happy because of the very cold air from the location of this place is very high so that there need to go to the adventurer reliable. But there were also some easy to go there, because this place now in many of the some of the region:

Alternative 1
You can start from the city of Banyuwangi to the Licin village 15 km distance and can be covered by motor cycle for 30 minutes. From the Village Licin you can pursue with the Paltuding distance 18 km and can be covered by motor cycle, but must be careful because the road is uphill and the time required of the approximately 60 minutes. Arrive in Paltuding you can proceed to the location of Kawah Ijen. To reach to the crater can not be in any way except the way on foot for 90 minutes with a distance of 3 km. And to achieve that you need to have that extra energy, because you're climbing the mountain with a very difficult terrain.

Alternative 2
How to you two can go through the City of Situbondo to Wonosari village with 28 km distance for 25 minutes. This way is much more faster, but because of the terrain are not so difficult. Arrive at your Wonosari Sempol to the village with 55 km distance with 90 minutes of the time and this may still be using the vehicles. From sempol you can switch to Paltuding with a 13 km distance with 30 minutes of the time. And then you can walk to the Kawah Ijen way as the first.

Alternative 3
This way to three of the distance and time do not differ much from the way the two. You can travel from village to city Bondowoso to Sempol distance with 67 km of the time with 120 minutes. And then you can follow the alternative two.

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